Service fee Bitcoins Ethereum ThaiBath
1 month 0.00256839 0.10243589 780
2 months 0.00410943 0.16389743 1250
4 months 0.00719151 0.28682050 2350
6 months 0.00873255 0.34828204 2500
12 months 0.01232831 0.49169229 4000

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Services detail & Discliamer

The service fee have been include extra charged for maintain the web hosting and editor.

All resources which our collected are all about Thailand lottery. It just a forecast can be right or wrong.

We sell the service to you if you need to buy it and can not refund.

All our resources would be delivery through Internet network around 5 days before the draw or every 10th day & 25th day of the month.

After 1st. Sign-Up , You will get PASSWORD on your E-mail. Then you can accessible to see all pages tips inside after your payment for fee.

Feel free to contact Email: [email protected] Or [email protected] 24 Hrs.

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